What is it that we do and how do we do it? Find out how our technology can benefit your organisation

Why Observe Shopper Behaviour?

Shopping is a complex yet low involvement and often subconscious activity. Consequently asking shoppers what they do will only reveal at best a partial understanding of their behaviours and the way in which the in-store environment performs in order to meet their needs and generate sales.

To comprehensively understand shopper behaviour we have to observe shoppers in-store where the natural environmental and contextual push and pull factors which influence behaviour play out.

What We Do

Shopper Retail Insight (SRI) specialise in the collection and analysis of shopper behavioural data in bricks and mortar environments.

How We Do It

Simple Set Up

We take recorded video footage from stores and convert it into facts and truths about your shoppers. Using existing cameras or bespoke installations, we track your shoppers as they complete their shopping journey.

Sophisticated Processing

Using bespoke video analysis software, derived from sports science, our team of analysts tag each and every significant action that your shoppers take. For example, stopping to browse, selecting a product and changes in direction. Our highly skilled team, using advanced technology, process the actions of thousands of shoppers every day.

Unparalleled Insights

Working in partnership with you, our category and shopper marketing experts convert the results into insight that will drive your in-store decisions. Our output is designed to be high impact and is compatible with many software applications such as SPSS and Excel.

Why Use Video?

Our approach, using video to capture and analyse the behaviour of thousands of shoppers has some distinct advantages over other observational methods.

Real World

Unlike techniques which require shoppers to be recruited to an exercise e.g. Virtual Reality, we capture the behaviour of shoppers in real stores on real shopping trips and so provide unequivocal evidence of what is actually happening.


Since we can rewind the footage and watch it repeatedly, filming what shoppers do allows us to focus not just on some shoppers but all of them and capture the behaviour of each individual ensuring a representative account of what goes on.


Filming makes the recording and analysis of thousands of shoppers financially viable, providing a statistical reliability around behavioural patterns that cannot be achieved within reasonable budgets through other observational methods.


The ability to slow down, pause and rewind film footage means that unlike real time in-person techniques we can ensure that the subtlest of behaviours are comprehensively and accurately recorded.


The fact that all behaviour is captured on film means that the task of watching and coding it into a database for analysis can be shared across a team, making the observation of thousands of shoppers feasible in a much shorter time frame than would be viable if behaviours were recorded by trained observers deployed in a store.


Film allows us to carry out quality checks on the data we record since a second pair of eyes can review the same shopper’s behaviours again and double check the accuracy of the information that has been recorded by a watcher.